The first film I ever made was shot on my grandfathers Yashica super 8 camera. Unfortunately the result of that was burning up our Millenium Falcon in an epic space battle! But my love for movies sprung from that leading me to an acting career. I’ve always been interested in what was happening behind the camera when on set so I decided to explore, ask questions to learn as much as possible. I have always loved sports from rock climbing, brazilian jiu jitsu to surfing, the fun is in the challenge and desire to push ones self. I know athletes are passionate about their sport and fitness goals and I want to help them inspire others through the visual medium, be it pictures or video.

Work includes:

Groundswell Grappling Concepts
Sin Workouts
Aegir Boardworks
Nike Title IX #Make the Rules
Evian x Jackie Warner
Aquaphor NYC Triathlon 2012
Birdman Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Holly Rilinger: NIKE Master Trainer
Local Surf School
As One Effect
Lacey Stone: NIKE Master Trainer
EPIC Treadmills
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Catalyst Public Relations
Balance Studios: Gracie Jiu Jitsu
Nudie Jeans